Eleven Hundred Springs calendar and info

UPDATE 4/14/2020
SHOWS ARE STILL CANCELED, but we are working on penciling in re-schedule dates on a daily basis. Once we get to a point where it is realistic to post show dates, we will post the updated calendar here, as well as all official EHS social network platforms, besides twitter. Nobody knows the password for that one.

UPDATE 3/17/2020

Due to current events, upcoming shows are cancelling / rescheduling at a really quick pace. Once things level off, we will update this page with an up to date schedule.



To get in direct contact with Eleven Hundred Springs, fill out the contact form and submit it. For booking inquiries, be sure to include the date and location of your event, and any specific details you may have, as that will help get the process started.

Please note, the form below sends directly to Manager Steve’s email, is the most effective way of initiating communication with the band, and will receive the quickest response.

We also have a less effective system in place for contacting the band. It is a phone number, where you can call and leave a voice message: 214-699-1249. If this is the option you really want to go with, please know that Manager Steve isn’t going to answer (but he will call you back).