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Eleven Hundred Springs Harvest the Savory Fruits of Time-Honored Country Music in 2020

Brand New Album “Here ‘Tis” Releases on January 17th

Nashville, TN (January 7, 2020)-There are bands that play country, and then there are country bands. Some would say it boils down to authenticity.In this day and age, that is increasingly hard to find. But when you drop the needle on an Eleven Hundred Springs record or catch a show, that distinction is perfectly clear.  This is the epitome of indigenous country music.  Listening to Eleven Hundred Springs is like spending time with all your favorite country albums.  Guitarist/singer Matt Hillyer and bassist Steven Berg first started the band way back in 1998, and over the course of two decades and eleven albums, Eleven Hundred Springs has proven time and again that they deliver everything that makes the classics so timeless: amazing songwriting, great performances, and distinct personality. The boys in Eleven Hundred have the pedigree to match any of the all-time greats. On January 17, 2020, these rooted Texas sons will release their new album “Here ‘Tis” on State Fair Records.  A celebratory scrapbook-style pilgrimage of the band’s twenty-plus year career will be previewed at their record release party at the Granada Theater in Dallas on Saturday, January 18th.


Aptly titled “Here ‘Tis,” this album is the perfect distillation of what continues to make Eleven Hundred Springs one of the best country/Americana bands around. While working on the album, the band struck up a friendship and, ultimately, a working relationship with the folks at Dallas’ State Fair Records.  The band had kept a leveled eye on the upstart indie label that was cultivating some of the best new music and artists coming out, especially in the North Texas scene.  As Hillyer puts it, “There was something going on in our neighborhood, and we wanted to be a part of it.  There has always been great music coming out of North Texas, and it never got the attention it deserved.  State Fair was nurturing artists coming out of our talent pool and really lifting them up.”


Here ‘Tis” is another instant classic that will slide right in alongside all of your favorites.  The album kicks off with the first single, “This Morning It Was Too Late,” a remorseful reverie that is the side effect of a most rude awakening.  It is vintage Eleven Hundred Springs, powered by the soulful crooning of songbird Matt Hillyer.  The autobiographical “Looking Back” depicts the journey of this band twenty years down the road, ripe with the kind of sweet fruits that only the passage of time can yield.  The final word of the album is the tongue in cheek “Nobody Cares.”  We are living in an age of selfdom, with miles of personal rants on social media, the compulsion to track your “likes” and “shares,” and obsession about your appearance or awkward behavior.  Eleven Hundred Springs reminds us that these trivial things eventually lose their potency, and at the core of it all, real life experience, connection, and memories are the things of value and beauty.


The band has reaped another classic with“Here ‘Tis,” a must-have for any fan of true country music.


Track Listing:

  1. This Morning It Was Too Late
  2. All Jokes Aside
  3. Miles Apart
  4. Fair Weather Friend
  5. Let’s Move Out To The Country
  6. The Song You’ll Never Hear
  7. Looking Back
  8. Let Me Be Your Man
  9. Let Tomorrow Wait And See
  10. Nobody Cares

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