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Hey everyone. I hope this message finds all of you well. Me and mine are doing just fine.
The purpose of this message is to address the current state and future of Eleven Hundred Springs. After many hours of phone conversations, long emails, zooms, etc. with my homeboy Steve Berg, it’s with bittersweet feelings that we’ve decided to bring the band to an end.
I really have no idea exactly how this news will hit people. Perhaps some will be upset. Perhaps some won’t be surprised at all. However, let me explain, if I can, from my perspective. In January of 2020 we released an album on State Fair Records that we’re still very proud of called ‘Here Tis”. We were all looking forward to doing shows to promote this record. Then came 2020 I won’t try to explain what a rough year that was. Everybody knows. One thing that came with the time off was reflection. That means a lot of different things for everyone. Where Steve found himself was needing to live a life where his focus was more on his family. I 100% understand this. We discussed at length the prospect of continuing with a different bass player. While I was never into that idea, I was less into it the more I thought about it. For one thing, I have too much respect for what we’ve done together than to treat it like less than what it is. Secondly, there are a lot of things I want to explore independent from the band.
Eleven Hundred Springs represents far more than just “Eleven Hundred Springs” to us. It represents literally hundreds of thousands of miles on the road, countless hard situations we’ve faced together, a lot of great memories, and every musical collaboration Steve and have started from scratch. We started it together. We should end it together. It’s not a decision that came lightly to us. Honestly though, it feels right. There is no ill will in any of this between us. There is only love, friendship, and respect. We love the band and everyone in it. We love the fans and friends the band has afforded us. But those relationships can go on.
Our plan is to finish our documentary and to play a handful of farewell shows between now and the fall. We really hope to see everyone there.
As for my personal direction in the future, I have been writing quite a bit during the last year. I plan to be recording these songs for future release. I’ll still be making music out there and you can still come hear me sing your favorite Eleven Hundred songs as well as new material.
I’d be remiss if I didn’t say how grateful I am to have shared the stage with all the musicians who’ve been in the band over the years, particularly our latest line up Steve Berg, Jordan Hendrix, Chad Rueffer, Ray Austin, and Christian Dorn. I love you guys.
With undying gratitude, Matt Hillyer (Eleven Hundred Springs)


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