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Here are our instrument inputs, with some mic suggestions.

Kick – Beta 91A
Snare – Sennheiser 604
Rack – Sennheiser 604
Floor Sennheiser – 602
Hat – Shure SM 81
Overhead – Shure KSM 137
Lead / Center Vocal – Shure Beta 57A
Backing vocal 1 – Shure Beta 57A
Guitar Amp 1- Shure Beta 57A
Backing vocal 2- Shure Beta 57A
Guitar Amp 2- Shure Beta 57A
Acoustic guitar – direct box
Bass – small amp w/ direct out
Fiddle amp -Shure Beta 57A
Steel Amp – Shure Beta 57A



Listening to any effort from Eleven Hundred Springs, including latest Finer Things In Life, is like having your cool uncle pull out his favorite albums. Matt Hillyer and crew have that old-school country sound down. When the band started up way back in 1998, some folks thought it was just guys imitating the sounds of Merle Haggard, George Jones and Hank Williams, but over the course of ten albums, Eleven Hundred Springs have evolved into a tight unit of true believers. Songs like “I’m a S.O.B. (When I’m S-O-B-E-R)” and “Hard Working Just Ain’t Working Anymore” are not imitative of the band’s influences. They are authoritative narratives of America.

Eleven Hundred Springs shows a commitment to the true soul of country music — what Steve Earle calls real music. While they may not look like your conventional country (flavor of the week / reality show, etc) act, the tradition and spirit that make up true Americana is easy to see. It’s all about honesty and lack of pretense.

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