tonight’s show in Amarillo (2/7/2014) canceled

As much as we have been looking forward to tonight’s show, it pains us to have to make this call. With the bad road conditions between Dallas and Amarillo, we are not going to be able to make it to Amarillo for tonight’s show. We have agonized over this decision, and we appreciate everyone’s understanding.

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Sorry about being so slow to update the website! Here is what is new:

We have booked a bunch of shows for 2014, check out the CALENDAR

We have recently made a bunch of cool looking SHOW POSTERS

Matt & Jordan will be playing at the 10th Annual Texas Music Festival in Mexico this June.

Our good buddy JOE BUTCHER has been playing pedal steel guitar with us for the past 5 or six months.

JORDAN HENDRIX is still 20 different kinds of kick ass, on the fiddle and in real life.

MATT HILLYER got a hair cut and a new dog.

When not behind the drum set, ARJUNA CONTRERAS has been doing some stunt car driving.

STEVE BERG is also in the band.



EHS back in action February 2013

Hey friends, after recouping from the holidays and easing in to 2013, we are back in action. We have some great shows coming up, a new song ready for radio play, a couple of new tee shirts, and rehearsals in the works so that we can add some new songs to the live show set lists. Here are a few things we have going:


This Friday Feb 1, Brewskie’s in Lawton OK!!!


Get your Granada Theater tickets HERE.


Rahr Brewery tour & show, THIS SATURDAY FEB 2. Click for info. 

Proof 1100 Crash Proof 1100 Wheel WingsSHIRT

Two new tee shirts, ORDER NOW – CLICK HERE.

“Is Anybody Going To San Antone” – Coming soon to  FM, XM,  Sirius, iTunes, and internet radio.


Get your tickets HERE.


If you have not been to an Eleven Hundred Springs show at the Broken Spoke, you are missing out on a good time!


We don’t get to the Houston area all that often, but when we do, it is at Dosey Doe in The Woodlands!!


For those of yall who are familiar with the back story of Matt Hillyer’s musical roots, you already know of his mad skilzz in the traditional rockabilly genre. “Matt The Cat Trio” is Matt’s 3 piece rockabilly band, showcasing Matt’s country tinged style of traditional rockabilly music. This IS NOT an Eleven Hundred Springs show. “Matt The Cat Trio” DOES NOT play any Eleven Hundred Springs songs. The trio does not play very many shows, so be sure to catch this rare appearance at the TF DOWNSTAIRS in Celina TX. The Gunmen kick things off at about 8pm.