1100springs.com / official EHS website

The  domain name “ElevenHundredSprings.com” is no longer associated with Eleven Hundred Springs, as the domain has been hijacked and is no longer owned by Eleven Hundred Springs.

With that said, feel free to use 1100springs.com as an easy way to reach this, our official site.

For those who may be interested in the Matt The Cat Trio, MattTheCatTrio.com is merely a click away.

And of course, MattHillyerMusic.com is the spot for everything Matt Hillyer, particularly his new solo album and solo (and full band) shows.

Also, if you have recently tried to email the band through the website contact page, you probably have not heard back from us. The contact info has been updated, so please feel free to email or call.


Matt Hillyer solo album – May 27, 2014 release date

The long awaited MATT HILLYER solo album is now available. Order between now and May 23, and get a special low price on your signed copy. CLICK HERE to order Matt’s new CD album.


Also, be sure to mark your calendar for Wednesday May 28, 2014. Matt’s debut full band solo show will be taking place at Love And War In Texas Plano location, with the performance being broadcast live as a part of the Country Jam Radio Show on 95.3 KHYI The Range radio. The show goes from 7pm-9pm, free / no cover.


Be sure to check out Matt’s official website for more information.



yo yo yo

Sorry about being so slow to update the website! Here is what is new:

We have booked a bunch of shows for 2014, check out the CALENDAR

We have recently made a bunch of cool looking SHOW POSTERS

Matt & Jordan will be playing at the 10th Annual Texas Music Festival in Mexico this June.

Our good buddy JOE BUTCHER has been playing pedal steel guitar with us for the past 5 or six months.

JORDAN HENDRIX is still 20 different kinds of kick ass, on the fiddle and in real life.

MATT HILLYER got a hair cut and a new dog.

When not behind the drum set, ARJUNA CONTRERAS has been doing some stunt car driving.

STEVE BERG is also in the band.